Git/Github Resources

I suck at Git/Github and need to get a lot better. I asked for resources a while back and here’s what people came back to me with:



Jonathan Stark released a video that does an amazing job explaining how to deploy a site with Git/Github. I’m making special mention of it here because it’s the one video where I didn’t get lost. Check it out:






What other Git/github resources do you find valuable? Let me know and I’ll update the post accordingly.


  1. Those 2 are great : Github for Windows ( and Ungit (

  2. Ralf

    Hey, just when I’m finally start to wrapping my head around GitHub.
    This is where I started, GitHub Fundamentals from the Teehan+Lax Blog:

  3. Great list of resources and a command cheat sheet here:

  4. This would be cool under training:

    *Full disclosure, I work for Code School who made it.

  5. Try Git, a free course from Code School

  6. A good online reference for GIT basics

  7. Lanette Miller

  8. Hey Brad, Great job, however the last link under training (Online Github Training points to your page. ‘salright XD